SUNRISE 2020 annual party

Time, taken away from winter to spring, also left memories!


Life is a journey of life


All the roads traveled will inevitably leave a footprint!


Life, there is no way to go in vain


Every step is for dream savings!



January 12, 2020


Sunrise High Timber 2020 New Year Appreciation Party was held in Shanghai Botanical Garden



2019, looking back, the footprints of Sunrise people all over the world


Dajiang Dahai witnessed the great era of the Sunrise people!


Initial heart, keep upright, struggle, chase dreams!


Jilin's cold


Can't retreat the enthusiasm of the Sunrise people



The raging river of Tiger Leaping Gorge


Can't stop the spirit and mind of Sanryui


Fiery in Southeast Asia


Burned the Sunrise and went abroad


The dream of going global


Hard core of lithium battery technology


Drive San Rui people into the innovative FI track


Hard and outstanding is the power of dreams


In pursuit of this dream of serving the country, Sunrise people do not complain, stop, raise their heads and look to the future.

Day by day, January and January, year by year, when time passes, leave an eternal memory. This memory is about struggle and dreams. This common memory is that the Sunrise people pursued their dreams, traveled thousands of miles, left their footprints on the journey of building the motherland, and left their footprints in the national development strategy.





"Dear Traveler"


A melodious and affectionate song "Dear Traveler" kicked off the prelude of Sunrise's Spring Festival Evening, playing a small video of the photos of Sunrise struggling in the north and south of the world in the past year-"Unforgettable Footprint", It is the spirit of Sunrise who is not afraid of hardships and dangers, breaks through self and advances bravely all the way!



New Year Message


We are the world! We are Sunrise!

 At the scene, Mr. Zheng Baicun, chairman of Sunrise High Materials, delivered a New Year's speech. In 2020, Sunrise's high-quality materials will remain unchanged, their goals unchanged, their confidence unchanged, and their pace will continue. Entrepreneurship is a journey with a dream, the most beautiful scenery is the calmness and calmness of the heart, not afraid of the wind and the clouds, sit and watch Yunjuanyunshu.


▲ Mr. Zheng Baicun, Chairman of Sunrise High Material Company ▲



Time left




With this memory, this trip is worthwhile!



Special Interview "Q You Q Me"



There is a special session every year for the New Year's Gala. We selected some wonderful and interesting questions from practitioners of various positions in Sunrise. A spiritual dialogue was held on the spot by management representatives. The answers of these seniors were sincere and simple, vivid and interesting. They showed a state outside of work tonight, a beautiful quality of wisdom and full of positive energy.



SUNRISE STAR Award Ceremony


The pursuit of excellence is the goal that Sunrise strives for. They walked fearlessly all the way and climbed into the hall of honor with their own strength. They had a confident smile on their faces, and the love and dedication in their hearts. The trophy in their hands was the crystallization of the hard work and sweat of the year! At this moment, let us cheer for glory!


Start of performance


Immediately after the awards ceremony, "The Youth Training Manual"-villain dance Cosyplay played the first audio-visual feast.



"Youth Practice Manual"


In the big family of Sunrise, we have experienced setbacks and difficulties together and enjoyed the honor of success together. We struggle forward under the bath of love and enjoy the joy of struggle. Today through this branch of vibrato divine song, we used all kinds of exaggerated expressions and shapes to completely ignite our infinite passion, and turn over the audience!



All the scenery along the way will become a reward for reaching the end


All the inner cry will eventually echo, and when I take my steps, I will not look back




"I Want Your Infatuation"


The Broadway dance show "I Want Your Infatuation" by the Sunrise goddesses, the perfect fusion of passion and beauty, ignited the party scene!


"Blind Date"


The moment when Heaven closed the three doors for you, it also opened a window of hope for you. Eventually our heroine found the other half of her life in "Sunrise Gaocai". Looking back suddenly, the man was there, the lights were dimmed.



"Friendship Forever", "Red River Valley", "Bridge Girl"

The melodious performance of the piano and the dancing rhythm form a warm and beautiful painting on the stage




"Tomorrow will be better"


At the end of the party, Sunrise's high-quality New Year's gift was ready for everyone. We put on a pure white T-shirt that foreshadowed the innocence and goodness. 

For the early years, we will not say goodbye at the end, because goodbye is better tomorrow.


In 2019, we will go all out and move forward. In 2019, we will take a firm footstep and walk out of Sunrise's spirit!

In 2020, we will continue to make persistent efforts. In 2020, we will bear faith, pursue excellence, and create greater glories!


Behind the scenes and behind the scenes, every wonderful place is inseparable from the hard work of all the cast and crew


Thank you all!




Thank you to all the guests who came to the event, it is wonderful to have you all share the New Year


Thank you


you guys!

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