Asia Concrete Expo 2019-Shanghai International Mortar Exhibition ended successfully, Sunrise High Materials continued to forge ahead!

The 2019 Asian Concrete World Expo was successfully launched at the New International Expo Center. As a special exhibition, the 2019 Asian Concrete World Expo has grown in scale compared with last year, and the exhibit categories have been upgraded again. In addition to covering all aspects of production, construction and maintenance in the fields of concrete, floor and mortar, it also has a comprehensive upgrade in exhibition scale, industry segmentation and world influence.


As one of the exhibitors this time, Sunrise Gaocai showcased the powdered polycarboxylic acid water-reducing agent prepared by the new bulk polymerization process, and the conductive paste of carbon nanotubes for anti-static floor, and we will also A new generation of organic / inorganic hybrid nano-structured early strength agent-super strong crystal nucleus, independently developed and produced, will be exhibited. This early strength agent can significantly improve the super early strength of cement-based materials within 12 hours.



Exhibition | Wonderful scene



In the three days of the exhibition, we have gained a lot of praise from our friends and professional customers. Let us review the wonderful moments of the exhibition together.


2019 Asian Concrete World Expo




During the exhibition, the crowd of people in front of Sunrise's high-tech booth was very lively. Among the endless stream of visitors, there are customers and friends who have come here, as well as many industry professionals, new and old friends have arrived at the scene, and the scene is extremely hot.



Customers and friends from different countries and all parts of the country stopped to consult and were very interested in Sunrise high-quality products. Aiming at the excellent quality and performance of the products, Sunrise's colleagues gave a detailed and patient introduction to each customer and friend who was on-site consultation.



The ending exhibition is not exciting


Although the exhibition has ended perfectly, but the future is exciting ~



For the three-day exhibition, we have made great achievements. Sunrise High Materials is committed to building an industry cooperation platform and actively promoting domestic and foreign industry exchanges. Adhering to the enterprise tenet of "Promoting Efficiency with Special Chemical Technology", we will continue to work hard and forge ahead in the new journey. We look forward to actively cooperating with our friends, fully integrating each other's advantages, and achieving a win-win situation.

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